The plague post III

As a result of a family funeral today I did not have the chance to read very much. It has been a long and tiring day but one where the memory of Richard ‘dick’ Allegranza rightly was celebrated. he will be very much missed.

Anyway here are the bullet points for a frighteningly few pages. Have no fear we will finish the book off tomorrow.

Bullet points between pages 138 – 171

* The whole of Part III is used to describe the impact of the plague as it stretches into autumn with details of the impact on morale, the business of burials and the strain on patience, hope and morale

* the character of Cottard continues to revel in the plague because not only has it covered over his previous mistakes and made him well-off as a result of smuggling but he has become an associate of the town rather than a stranger looking in from the outside

* When faced with the chance to leave for good Rambert decides to stay with Rieux and Tarrou fighting the disease arguing that if he did escape and head back to Paris his happiness would be ruined by his guilt at leaving them

The concluding 80 pages lie ahead tomorrow and I will also post a review of The Fall to round off what has been a very enjoyable if not challenging week looking at the world through the eyes of Camus.

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