Scarlet and Black post IV

The development of Julien continues as he places more distance between himself and Madame de Renal, although he can’t resist one last visit to her before leaving to go to Paris

Bullet points between pages 210 – 287

* Julien is promoted to junior lecturer status at the seminary but is snubbed in the exams and comes 198th rather than the 1st place he deserved

* His patron who runs the seminary is deposed in another twist of politics and shortly after is involved with a government minister who under the seminary head’s recommendation offers Julien a post a secretary in Paris

* Julien has a last visit with Madame de Renal and is suspected as an intruder and shot as as he leaves the grounds of the house

* As he heads for Paris he comes across two old friends and now enemies of Renal and is captivated by their talk of Napoleon

* Once in Paris he starts to cultivate friendships with M. de Mole and his family and starts to discover the importance of holding the right type of views and the ability to talk about anything other than politics

* he fights a duel with a diplomat who becomes his friend but for formalities sake spreads the rumour he is the illegitimate son of a good friend of the Marquis de Mole, a position the Marquis encourages when he is lonely and laid up with gout and values Julien’s friendship

With Madame de Renal off the scene, his influence growing and his knowledge of politics and power increasing it will be interesting to see where Julien goes next…

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