Swann’s Way post VI

Almost at the end of volume one in the multi-volume Remembrance of Things Past and it has kept up a high standard right the way through the first 400 pages.

Bullet points between pages 385 – 415

* Swann is being ripped apart by jealousy and receives an anonymous letter that details the numerous affairs Odette has had and he starts to question her about them and starts to realise his love for her is dead

* She is absent for almost a year on a cruise with the Verduins and in that time he uncovers evidence that she has been unfaithful and so as he starts to change his life he opts to visit his family home in Combray

* The chapter ends with him dreaming of Odette but resolving never to see her again as he heads off away from Paris:

“To think that I’ve wasted years of my life, that I’ve longed to die, that I’ve experienced my greatest love, for a woman who didn’t appeal to me, who wasn’t even my type.” pg415

The last forty odd pages of Vol I beckon tomorrow…


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