The Guermantes Way – post VI

The thing about Proust is that it tends to stretch into the weekend hence why I have tried to do a lot of reading today and will do the same tomorrow.

Bullet points between pages 382 – 456

* Following his tryst with Albertine he plans the meeting with Mme de Stermaria, who he had been assured by his friend Saint-Loup is looking for a physical and emotional involvement with Marcel but she lets him down and fails to meet for their dinner date

* Ironically after he had decided he no longer had any interest in Madame de Guermantes he is invited to go for dinner there and she speaks to him and seems to show a great deal of interest in him even mentioning the times she noticed him while out walking

* He uses Albertine as a diversion but he is crushed by the failure to meet with Mme de Stermaria but just as he is weeping over her Saint-Loup arrives and takes him out for dinner showing him kindness although he upsets him by telling him that he told Bloch that Marcel really didn’t like him

* He goes to the Guermantes for dinner and although believing gossip that the husband and wife are separating finds them together and is introduced into their circle of friends, which includes Royalty

* The situation is left that M. de Charlus is expecting Marcel at 11pm and Saint-Loup warns him that if he fails to attend then his uncle will give up on him

We pick up on what de Charlus wants tomorrow…

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