Chronicle of a Death Foretold – lunch post III

Having been introduced to the victim in chapter one, the motive in chapter two in the third chapter we meet the killers

Bullet points from chapter three

* The twin brothers of Angela Vicario who is returned as a soiled bride by Bayardo San Roman set out to defend her honour by killing the man who took her virginity Santiago Nasar

* The chapter follows then as they set out to sharpen their knifes and tell everyone about their intentions to the moment when they are disarmed by the mayor but then set out again with different knifes to kill Nasar

* Despite the numerous people that saw them for various reasons the message fails to get through to the intended victim and he is killed by the brothers

* The chapter starts with them claiming that the crime is one of honour and that they are innocent of murder and the details included in the chapter lead you to believe that they are released after three years

More tomorrow…

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