The Captive – post VI

Getting closer to the end and this reminds me of the time when I was in a relationship that had gone stale and the result of a bit of ill-judged bluff calling was that it ended. Marcel would be wise to learn that you can only threaten to end it with power once and then each time after that becomes weaker and weaker. In case you are wondering I was the liberated captive not the victim of my personal experience of the leaving threat

Bullet points between pages 332 – 362

* The trip out to the Verdurin’s makes Marcel realise that he is the captive going back to his jail after a rare night out and that probably influences his frame of mind, which provokes a fight with Albertine

* As he mentions he went to the Verdurin’s she is angry and believes he went there to find out the truth of what she had been telling him about some of her relationships with some of the guests in the salon

* As a result she spills the beans and starts telling him about lies she has uttered and it starts to destroy his faith in her so he asks her to leave in the morning and never see him again – but of course he doesn’t want that and he starts to waver without the strength to hand her back her freedom

The conclusion comes tomorrow and as it stands it’s hard to see how Marcel can get his freedom back when he values it beneath is control over Albertine


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