The Ghost-seer – post IV

You can hardly call this a lunch post so apologies for the lateness but it was after work I managed to read the second concluding part of the book. It weaves an atmosphere that reminds me of Sherlock Holmes, the thin line between the natural and supernatural, plus the sense of mystery.

highlights from book II – the second half of the book

* The Prince loses his faith as a result of reasoning away what happened in the seance and slips into bad company and his personality changes and he becomes a free-thinker

* The narrator from book I has left so the story is told through irregular letters that take events on by jumps and starts

* The Prince develops a gambling habit that leads to debts and he is about to settle his accounts and leave Venice when he comes across a beautiful woman in a church who transfixes him and he stays to find out who she is and how he can be with her

* The woman is linked with the mystery Armenian and in the end the Prince does get to know her and you discover that she dies and the Prince is ruined and taking refuge from his debtors in a monastery

* The story ends with a letter being sent revealing that all is saved and it is the mystery Armenian who has restored the Prince;s faith and his fortunes

I will post a review over the weekend.

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