Ulysses – post VI

I have read plenty of other comments on the web by people who have struggled with Ulysses and today I agree with them all it has been very difficult reading. Part of the reason is that you are trying to take in the story and at the same time look for this meanings and symbols and the net result is a headache and a failure on both counts.

Bullet points between pages 370 – 420

* Bloom is sitting and reflecting on the argument in the pub wondering whether or not it was meant to be maliciously anti semitic and wonders if he should have answered back more

* The scene then shifts to Horne’s house where Bloom and Stephen meet but the frustrating things is that because of the style, which is narrative without speech, it is hard to work out whether or not they are talking to each other

* It becomes clear after a while there is an argument over religion going on and Bloom tries to play the role of peace maker and things change tack while they discuss the child murderer in a celebrated case

* There are references to Gods and sailing across the sea but they are all mixed up with Thor being the God, which is mentioned, and then there are other references to Greece and drachmas being lost on the horse race

* There is then a discussion about science, in particular around the question of childbirth with both Stephen and Bloom taking part in the debate

It feels like Joyce is toying with you at this stage mixing things up and then hinting at things without making them obvious to the reader. Still, more tomorrow…

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