Another dose of celeb book bashing

Talking of literacy it is a bit of a bugbear of mine that if you go in hunt for a decent read it is almost impossible at this time of year to get past the mountains of celebrity biographies. Yet as John Crace points out in today’s Guardian publishers know that they are not all selling in large numbers yet continue to commission and publish them. It even gets to into a weird situation where a celebrity cleared of murder, talking about O.J Simpson of course, will go out and write a book about how he would have murdered his wife and her boyfriend if he had wanted to.

What will be interesting is at the end of the Christmas sales period when the figures are in and the cold reality hits some publishers. Already sales figures of some footballing memoirs are down. Some serious thought should be put into the celebrity book process but you can place an easy bet that there are some companies with cheque books open just waiting to get a signature from the winner of the X Factor and I’m Celebrity get Me Out of Here

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