Ulysses – post XI (part one)

So we come to the end and the final chapter is dedicated to the voice of Molly Bloom – a character we have heard numerous references to, mainly because of her affair with Blaydon, and it is a strange train of thought we jump on board with her

Bullet points from pages 659 – 679

* The first thing you notice is that there is no punctuation and this is a seamless, endless series of thoughts all running into each other starting with the idea that Bloom is having an affair because he is hiding things from her

* She thinks back to when she first got engaged to Bloom and it seems to be a happy memory although she makes it clear she had other admirers and probably could have done better than Bloom but he seemed to get to her and win her over

* Fashion is obviously important to Molly and she lists the items she has seen other women wearing and items she has her eye on or has recently purchased and boasts about her appearance despite her age

* There are some thoughts about her formative years in Gibraltar and the friendships and things she saw there – fashions and spanish patterns of behaviour

The second half comes after midnight…

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