More thoughts on the criticism debate

The more I think about it the more you have to come to the conclusion that what is motivating these people who attack literary bloggers is fear. The Internet allows you to have a shot at putting yourself in a shop window regardless of where you went to college, who you know or what you know – if you are no good then you will not get the traffic and fail. However if you are a worthwhile voice then what is wrong with providing a platform for you to share your thoughts and views? The only thing that could be wrong is you might actually challenge the cosy world of those that sit by the fireside in the literary club and fear new members joining.

If Web 2.0 can do anything it can level the playing field and those lit hacks holding onto their precious kingdoms need to face up to the changing world where not only will the way people communicate change but the names they search for might very well be different as well.

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