Lunchtime read: The Plato Papers – post III

As more relics from the past are found the uncertainty in Plato increases as he doubts he is giving a true reflection of what happened in the past. Meanwhile the almost comical presumptions continue as Plato tries to fill in the blanks of an unknown past.

Highlights between pages 52 – 86

* Plato talks to his audience about what happened when the age of Mouldwarp ended and the age of Witspell began with a return of unicorns, pixies and Atlantis, which had all been hidden by the collective consciousness of the Mouldwarp population

* He then continues the dialogue with his should trying to ascertain whether or not the vision of the past he is painting is correct but his should is not prepared to be drawn on the subject

* The subject of his public lectures then returns to Mouldwarp and he extrapolates based on a film poster found on the South Bank advertising a Hitchcock film and so you get moments when he describes those in a pub worshiping the fire god by putting lit sticks in their mouths (cigarettes)

* But the doubts continue and he questions his soul again who announces that he will leave Plato to discover the truth but warns him that perhaps he has been used to keep the population content regardless of the truth of his proclamations

* Plato then starts to see visions of the past and tells his friend that he is going on a journey

More tomorrow…

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