Lunchtime read: The Plato Papers – post IV

Things change dramatically for Plato but the outcome is not too good landing him in trouble with the authorities.

Highlights from pages 86 – 110

* Plato discovers that the inhabitants of Mouldwarp still exist in a cave under the City with the roof of the cave covered in stars, the limits of their perception, and he discovers that a lot of what he assumed is wrong

* He comes back and starts talking about what he discovered wearing a watch and rolling a dice for example but that soon lands him in trouble and he is put under trial for spreading fear and deceit

* In his trial Plato argues that he has not called on anyone to reject the principles of society but has discovered the joy of stumbling on individualism but his defence appears to be rejected and he is accused of going against “the way” and disturbing people, particularly children

Final instalment lunchtime tomorrow…

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