The Trial – post II

After the strange events of the first 100 pages the story settles into a sense of growing unease as the case gathers momentum with K. taking on legal advice but not seeing to be getting anywhere.

Bullet points between pages 102 – 183

* Joseph K.’s uncle turns up and demands that his nephew takes action and stops ignoring the case and takes him to an old friend who is an advocate and asks his friend to take on his nephew’s case

* While his Uncle and legal friend are talking Joseph wanders off and is seduced by the house main Leni and then comes out of the house to be confronted by an angry Uncle who despairs about his behaviour

* The advocate tries to help Joseph but the legal system keeps the defence in the dark and the case is carried out in secret making it difficult to know how things are progressing

* The advocate tells stories to illustrate the lowly status of those for the defence describing their attic room, with a hole in the floor big enough to get your leg trapped through, as evidence of how neglected they are as a community

* K. starts to suffer at work because he keeps dreaming about his case until a client comes in and tells him that the court painter could offer him some useful advice about his case and so he heads off to see the painter who like the court is based in an airless attic

* The painter advises him to try and go for a postponement in his case but because of the atmosphere in the garret K. is unable to concentrate and as he takes his leave is surprised to find law offices next door but the painter explains that nearly all attics contain law offices

More strangeness tomorrow…

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