Lunchtime read: The Pearl

Be careful of what you dream for particularly if you are a poor man living in a tight knit community because as you fear at the end of chapter two when fortune does come your way then others plan to benefit from it.

Chapter two
With the child seriously ill after the scorpion bite Kino sets out to find a pearl that will pay for the treatment and pushes off with his beloved canoe with his son along with his wife who is praying for the pearl to be found

Kino dives down and starts picking up oysters but then sees a glint of something in one that is hidden under a rock and pulls it away and takes his haul back to the boat and starts to open and then throw back the ones without pearls in

He finally opens the large shell and inside is the largest pearl he has ever seen and at the same time his wife points to the child who is fighting against the poison and winning as the swelling goes down in his relief Kino shouts to the sky but that sends everyone sailing in his direction

More tomorrow…

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