Gormenghast – post III

The vast majority of the day’s reading is spent sharing the build-up and then the reality of the party that the doctor and his sister hold in an attempt to find her a husband out of the professors.

Bullet points between pages 127 – 167

* Apart from the party there is a moment when Steerpike and Fuchsia end up arm in arm and kiss but she is horrified that this person, who by the by keeps stealing poison, is near her and she pushes him away and runs off

* The rest of the focus is on the professors who all react publicly with a mixture of indifference and amusement to the party but underneath are quite excited about it none so more than Bellgrove the headmaster who believes the rumours the staff tell him about Irma’s love for him

* They troop into the doctors house and one by one try to put themselves forward as suitable candidates, without of course indicating to their rivals that the care, but last to enter the room is the headmaster

* Bellgrove has quite an impact on Irma, who is using a cold hot water bottle as padding to convince suitors she had breasts to, but she can barely see him with out her glasses on so she has a vision of white and runs from the room struck by the love thunderbolt

Is it true love for Irma and Bellgrove? Or for Steerpike and Fuchsia for that matter? More on Monday…

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