Lunchtime read: Selected Stories

These stories are short but great in terms of the content and have the ability to make you wonder about human nature. They linger in the forefront of the mind and already you can appreciate just what makes Chekhov such a well liked writer, with his clean concise style of prose.

Murder Will Out
An official travelling in disguise to a region he hopes to find fault with asks the coach driver about his reputation. He is pleased when he hears how well liked he is but gets angry when he discovers that his secret drinking is known about as well as his mistresses. In a rage after he hears how everyone knows of his secret visits he tells the driver to turnaround.

The Trousseau
A man visits a house of an officer and meets his wife and daughter who are busy sewing for her wedding gifts. Years later he returns and the father has dies and then after another absence he discovers that the daughter has died and the mother is all alone and he is saddened by the turn of events

The Decoration
A man wearing a medal is embarrassed that he will be seen by a colleague wearing it so keeps it hidden with his right hand but finally he has to pass a woman a drink and it becomes clear but he is relieved to find his friend is also wearing a decoration. Thoughts then turn to who has the best one and from embarrassment to vanity.

More tomorrow…

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