The Return of Philip Lationowicz – post IV

The book comes to an end and Philip luckily isn’t the one under the train or the one clawing at the windows to escape while their throat is being bitten into. Still if he learns anything it should be that he is weak, nervous and suspectible to the influence of influential women.

Bullet points between pages 196 – 231

* Philip has been caught under the spell of Bobocka but at the same time knows that she is no good for him and is having affairs with other men under his nose and of course she lives with her old lover, a respectable man who ruined himself for her

* The Greek philosopher who plagued Philip is found dead after throwing himself under a train and following the discovery Bobocka tells Philip she is going away to Hamburg and wants to borrow as much money as she can

* Her lover comes to visit Philip and begs him not to allow him to be abandoned and there is a scene when Bobocka comes for the money but all it does is postpone the moment when she will come for the money and then leave

* Just as his nerves start to crank up as he waits Philip has an almighty row with his mother and asks who his real father was and she tells him but before you can find out the impact they are disturbed by Bobocka’s lover

* He tells Philip that she won’t be coming after all but Philip senses that he is lying, notices he is covered in blood and rushes after him and then disovers Bobacka dead after her lover had bitten through her throat

Not the ending you might have expected but easily enough material there to fuel Philip’s artistic passions…a full review will follow in the next couple of days.

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