Lunchtime read: Cat & Mouse

The book ends with a sense of mystery and despite the style, which has at times been hard to follow, it is with a sense of affection you put this down for the final time. A story of growing up against the background of the war and overcoming teenage worries about physical appearance and is in essence what Cat & Mouse is all about.

Bullet points between pages 121 – 137

* Having returned to not much of a hero’s welcome Mahkle decides not to return to report from duty and after having a one night stand with one of the old gang he tells the narrator that he has had enough of the war

* But he doesn’t know where to hide until the idea of the barge is brought up and then in the rain he taxes the loyalty of the narrator to get him some food, row him to the barge and then agree to come and meet him later that night

* He loses touch with Mahkle the moment his friend dives under and heads for his secret room and even after the stretch of the coast is bombed there is never any mention of Mahkle on the film footage or in despatches

* Years later the narrator is trying to get into an evening organised to celebrate those who received the Knights Cross and Mahlke’s name is mentioned but he fails to appear allowing the mystery to deepen and continue

A review will appear in the next couple of days…

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