Lunchtime read: Candide

A colleague at work casually walked past my desk and picked up Candide and asked what it was like. Having been told it was meant to be a witty read he asked if it was like Oscar Wilde: “You know meant to be funny but unable to raise a single laugh”. He has a point that might be applied here but all the time you read it you have to remember this was all a long time ago and what was thought of as funny then might not be as funny now.

Highlights between chapters XV to XVII

* Having met up with Cunegonde’s brother Candide then commits his third murder after reacting to a slap in the face and an insult about his suitability for marriage with Lady Cunegonde

* He escapes but is caught in the jungle after he shoots two monkeys that happened to be the lovers of two local women (that is disturbing if not amusing) and then they are only saved from being eaten by convincing them they have killed a friar one of the villagers enemies

* Following that escape they stumble on and drift down the river before arriving at Eldorado a land where gold and gems litter the roads and wealth abounds everywhere and the people are very friendly to Candide

More hilarity tomorrow…

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