Posting for pleasure?

I wrote this on a particularly bleak day (a bit like today)…

Oh no, only twenty seven people have visited the blog today. Only twenty seven. I know I’ll write something deep and meaningful about the use of space and light in Kafka’s novels. No hold on, even better why not jump on the best writer debate bandwagon and put up a post that say’s how brilliant Martin Amis is and that he has to be declared the greatest living British writer. That should get them coming and commenting.

It’s only up to twenty eight even after all that. Right time to go to some other lit blogs and post some funny and profound comments that will surely be rewarded with some visits back to the blog of the person who came up with such interesting comments? One last try let’s pop over to the Penguin blog and impress them with something erudite on its latest marketing campaign. Maybe they will link back to me and that will drive the traffic up?

Where the hell is everyone? Maybe my posts are too short? Too long? Too low-brow? Or maybe too frequent? Wasn’t this meant to be enjoyable?

The curse of Statcounter, which means the silence of response can be displayed in glorious bar charts and tables of single digit numbers, along with Technorati that blandly states that because the site is not in the top 100,000 the information provided will be of a limited nature. This is hard work, almost harder than the day job, surfing the stats, the lit blogs and the news sites trying to get the information that will get the traffic numbers ticking over. Please someone come and make it all worthwhile…


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