The Blood of Others – post II

This book has improved over the last few chapters as the characters become more defined and a clear story emerges. You don’t naturally fall for them as they are slightly difficult as people to understand but despite that it is worth sticking with.

Bullet points between pages 42 – 110

* Along with Jean, the 20 year-old who rejects everything his family has provided for him so he can be truly free and able to claim his true position another character Helene emerges who is someone looking for love and is stuck in a relationship with Paul who works with Jean

* Paul doesn’t inspire her and she falls in love with Jean although he tells her he is not interested and is involved in a relationship with someone else who he has a casual sexual relationship with

* Helene keeps dreaming of jean even though he does his best not to encourage her and the effect on her relationship means she finally splits with Paul and as a result naively thinks that Jean will accept her

* She goes round to talk to him and after he rejects her again she throws herself into the arms of an old friend who takes her virginity and leaves her with a pregnancy to worry about and she ends up having the abortion at Jean’s flat because that is the only place she can go outside the family home

* As a result Jean feels so guilty that he allows her in and although he continues to sleep with Madeline the woman he has a causal sexual affair with Helene becomes his lover and their relationship starts to develop but the year is 1937 and you know what is round the corner

More tomorrow…


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