A conspiracy theory

Sometimes it feels as if there is almost a conspiracy against you reading. The most valuable commodity when you are trying to read a book is time but with emails, phone calls and Blackberry’s there is rarely a chance to get the peace and quiet needed just to read a few pages.

It is getting harder and harder to find space in the day to read and that is a real worry because if that goes then a reality check disappears and a chance to switch off from the drudgery of the day is lost. I’d be tempted to go one further and mention that there is almost a conspiracy to stop you getting the time to blog. People talk about blogs etc all being a generational thing but it has nothing to do with age and is all about time. Right now I am sitting here tapping this out while the wife stares daggers and wonders why I haven’t tidied up the kitchen. I never got that sort of grief when I was 15…


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