Lunchtime read: Scoop

It is very hard to read a novel that has the ability to make you laugh out loud at your desk in an open plan office. The ending of Scoop is comic writing at the top of its game with the humour coming thick and fast and the book ends with everyone happy including the hero who returns to his pastoral existence.

Highlights from Book III
To celebrate his return Lord Cooper requests that Boot is knighted and has a banquet thrown in his honour but there is a mix-up and John not William Boot receives the knighthood and neither want to attend the banquet. Salter travels down to see William Boot to get him to come but he refuses and after an introduction to Boot’s weird country world Salter is only too happy to get back to Fleet Street. The problem is that Theodore Boot follows him up and starts trying to get hired to tell lurid stories from his youth. The banquet arrives and it is Theodore not William or John Boot that sits next to Lord Cooper. William returns to writing his rural life column, Salter gets moved to an easier jon at Knitting World and life returns back to normal.

A full review will follow in the next couple of days…


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