The Madhouse – post IV

The campaign to try to entrap JRF steps up a gear with the introduction of a female agent who is meant to seduce him, gain his trust and then get him to reveal more incrimination secrets. But things at work change dramatically with the arrival of a young woman in the administration team who despite the poison of colleagues decides to start something with JRF.

Bullet points between pages 202 – 264

* JRF is tipped off by Beria that if he goes to the cinema there is going to be a young woman waiting for him that will have been sent by the KGB and she will be compliant and friendly towards him

* Meanwhile at work things seem to be going well with his new boss liking him and starting to hand out the sort of privileges that come at a higher level – like library study days – which JRF spends down the pub

* Some of his friends continue to try and incriminate him by talking about the attraction of assassinations but JRF remains quiet worrying about the blood thirsty turn that some of his friends have taken

* Then he starts to see a new member of staff and the relationship sparks jealousy across the board with even his KGB staged lover showing a jealous streak that is unusual for someone with numerous lovers including many in the Academy

* With the KGB case getting nowhere fast they tell the academy to send him off on sick leave so that he is out of the way when they build a case against him but the announcement that JRF is being sent to the country sparks even more jealously

More maybe over the weekend…


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