The love of bookmarks

Most people collect something and if you are lucky enough it is a low cost, non-intrusive hobby that does not make too many demands in terms of money and space. For the past few years (not sure how long) I have collected bookmarks from places I have visited putting them all in a box and pulling them out now and again to keep my place in the book I am reading.

What has been staggering is that since posting a bookmark of the week every Sunday for the past year and a bit that it has been a way of linking in with other bookmark lovers. I had no idea how many people took it seriously and you can understand why when you see some of the collections online (I will post some links here soon).

Sometimes a bookmark can bring a smile, somethimes cause a pause for thought but it nearly always sparks off a memory and apart from a postcard or a photograph there is not many things that have the power to do that.


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