Lunchtime read: Saturday

When the question was being raised in the run up to the Iraq war of which side you took it was always a chance to get involved in a unnecessary argument that quickly became heated. When Henry’s daughter Daisy turns up she ends up in a similar one with her father.

His view of the war, which borders on a sort of tired indifference, is quite common and you could argue that it was as a result of so many people taking that line Blair and Bush did not have as much opposition. But the arguments laid out are easy to identify with and still rumble on with it the question of whether or not it was better to get rid of a tyrant and replace him with some sort of quasi-democracy or to hedge him in and try to control him through the international community.

The argument between Henry and Daisy in the first chunk of part four is eerily reminiscent of conversations that ruined friendships a few years ago.

More tomorrow…

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