The most precious commodity

One of the most difficult quantities in the world to try and capture and make the best use of is time. After one of the most frustrating weeks blogging and reading I have known -where there was no time to not only read but get comfortable in a book – it made me realise that there are real challenges getting time with a book.

Not only is reading seen as a selfish and solitary experience but according to some people it is also a waste of time. The same sadly gets applied to blogging. Any argument that it produces personal pleasure is again used against you to justify the selfish argument. Maybe some of that is true but it is a real shame that the time for reading and writing about it gets squeezed to the periphery.

You end up getting up early or going to bed late armed with a torch to try and get through some more of the book you are enjoying. Last week, where it was barely possible to get more than 20 pages a day in, really struck home how difficult it is to read with a young family. I am not saying that you have to read a set amount each day but if you enjoy reading it does seem to be the first activity that gets jettisoned when time is short.

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