Cities of the Plain – post II

The problem with the determination of John Grady to marry and rescue his Mexican sweetheart from the brothel and bring her back to the ranch is that it is doomed to failure.

Even though he discusses it with as many people who will listen you sense that by asking people if they approve of his intention to marry he himself has doubts. Back on the ranch there is the daily business of having to buy horses and try to make a profit being a cowboy. McCarthy uses these moments to flesh out some of the other characters on the ranch and the impression he gives is that for Billy and John the future is all around them. There are men of various different ages that have found the only refugee they can find is in a life that resembles the past.

For John Grady the Mexican romance is not seen as an escape from the life of a cowboy but and attempt to make it even more secure.

Grady is also not honest with people about who is sweetheart is and what she does for a living. In turn there are hints that the girl has not been entirely honest with him either.

More tomorrow…

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