Lunchtime read: Memories of My Melancholy Whores

Wow almost missed this. Almost forgot to post this last bit on this week’s lunchtime read:

The downside for the poor old 90 year-old who has fallen head over heels for a young virgin whore is that with love comes jealousy. So when he gets it into his head that she has been with someone else and returns to him after an absence with make-up and jewels he vows never to see her again.

Friends advise him to grasp what happiness he can before his time runs out. So he finally swallows his jealousy and requests to see the girl again. After a life spent sleeping with women and avoiding commitment he has finally fallen in love. His columns for the newspaper reflect his position and he is seen in the odd light of almost being a love poet.

In the end he goes back to the girl with the words of the madam ringing in his ears that the young virgin is in love with the old man – who she has barely spent anytime awake with or said a word to. They have spent their hours with him talking to her, as she lies next to him asleep and providing her with gifts. But he has never taken what is arguably his by right – he has after all met the terms and conditions and paid. His love seems to be more genuine because it is non-sexual.

The morale seems to be that love can come to those who have given up looking or expecting it. There is also something to be said for age. A mad fool is an old fool. But is he so made if he finally finds contentment? Could anyone really understand what has happened to him?

A review will follow soon

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