Wise Children – post II

When this book starts its like being dragged into the memories of an old dear who is telling you about her life over a cup of afternoon tea. The complex family of twins Dora and Nora is confusing but continually reinforced by coincidence and the important presence of their uncle.

If the first chapter was about setting the scene in their home in Brixton bringing it into the present with the suicide of Tiffany then the second chapter goes back into their past. It covers the development of the double act that became The Chance Girls and the showbiz career of Dora and Nora. It also charts the start of the love lives with Nora a lot more prepared to seize love by the horns. Dora gets her fair share of romantic involvement.

Finally the twins are introduced to their father who at first denies them but then later gives them a break into the glitz of the West End and tolerates them as much as he appears to tolerate anyone – which is not a great deal.

This story weaves you not only back through the lives of the two sisters but back in time. This takes you a trip through 1930s London with trams, hampers and day trips to Brighton where cabbies fall in love with the people they are driving. There are also secretive homosexuals, the bright lights of Hollywood and music hall stars that perform to packed houses.

You forget that this is all building up to the 100th birthday of their father but before then there will be some more enjoyable reminiscing.

More tomorrow…


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