Wise Children – post IV

The last few pages of this book are a joyous romp as the past mixes with the present at the birthday party. Almost every character appears apart from the couple that have genuinely died.

Having someone reach 100 years old with their mental facilities and health reasonably intact is one thing but for a couple of twins to both get there is odd. By the end of this book the pleasure that comes from reading it is that apart from a couple of characters – grandma and Cyn – almost nobody ever dies.

The same people keep coming back through the story and the leads Dora and Nora are there till the bitter end surrounded by the Hazard family and their various offspring and spouses. Surprise after surprise is sprung, accompanied by trumpets and TV cameras. But in the end you turn the final page with a smile on your face and a feeling that family is what you make it and a wise child is one that understands the limitations as well as the love that can be offered by their father.

A review will follow soon…


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