The Children of Hurin – post II

Although this is a story still populated by odd names of characters and locations there is a real plot developing and it is that which keeps you reading on. Turin has blotted his copybook in the land of the Elves after wandering off first put of boredom and then returning to kill one of the King’s council after a row.

He joins up with a band of outlaws to populate the woods but they are driven away from their hunting grounds by orcs and end up getting in a position of hunger and despair so they turn to a dwarf and seek shelter in his home in return for sparing his life.

There are personality stories developing the whole time with Turin managing to fall out with people left right and centre, including for a while the elf who is sent by the King to tell him he is pardoned for killing a member of the council.

All you really want him to do is get to the battle when Turin tries to release his father from the imprisonment of the dark Lord.

More tomorrow…

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