Slaves of Solitude – post IV

There is a brilliant moment when Hamilton has you alongside Miss Roach asking the same questions she does about whether or not she is imagining the hatred of her German friend. is she over reacting? Has she blown petty things out of proportion?

You never feel she has but it hangs in the balance for quite a while and it is not until a catalogue of slights stacks up that you know for sure that Miss Roach is right and the German woman has it in for her.

By then the atmosphere in the kettle drum that is the Rosamund Tea Rooms is causing discomfort and distorting the reality of Roach and the other guests. It questions the assumption that those at home were getting away with out suffering and shows that when liberties are denied you because of fear or rationing the costs can be high.

You are rooting for Roach but fear that she will lose her own war against Germany.

More tomorrow…

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