Thoughts at the half way point of Tintin and the Secret of Literature

This title of this book alone drew my attention. Having loved Tintin since I was a child the chance to give that passion a stamp of literacy legitimacy was very attractive.

This is a serious study that is throwing around links with heavyweight authors left, right and centre as well as drawing on previous studies of Tintin’s world.

Already half way in it’s safe to say that Herge was a great story teller using some of the most well know literary techniques. But he was also a complex character. His guilt over his wartime record, which consisted of him carrying on producing cartoons in an occupied Belgium for a Nazi sympathising newspaper, surface in his work for years afterwards.

So does Herge’s family history. As Haddock discovers his family history in Red Rackham’s Treasure there are signs that Herge himself might have dreamt of being related to royalty in his distant past.

Looking forward to the second half…a review will follow on completion.

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