Thoughts at the halfway point of Who is Mr Satoshi?

What I like about the style here is the way the character and his history starts to unfurl like a slowly opening flower. You start by meeting him just at the point where his mother dies but you soon get the back story about the death of his wife, the loss of his motivation to continue to be a top photographer and his dependence on medication and aversion to crowds.

But despite his reclusive nature you can’t help but like Rob Fossick and get drawn in as he discovers an old love affair between his mother and a childhood sweetheart and attempts to carry out her dying which to deliver a package to Mr Satoshi.

The ptoblem is not just going to be finding Mr Satoshi, which is a nickname for a childhood friend, but coming to terms with what delving into his mother’s past will mean for his own future.

Great stuff so far and looking forward to posting a review soon on completion…

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