Thoughts at the halfway point of C

The C of the title could mean clever as the number of times names of people, places and objects crop up starting with that letter. It reminds me a bit of the sort of word games that Georges Perec and his ilk liked to play.

But for me the C so far stands for communication with the deaf school mixing with the birth of wireless signals and the impact that this technology has on the limitations of the world.

As the Carrefax family experiment in communication and chemistry the world is changing with the spectre of the First World War moving closer where the knowledge the family possesses will be required for more war like purposes.

As the potential main characters fall or fade away the reader is left with the teenage Serge as he recovers from his sister’s illness in terms of finding his purpose and sets out to conquer his own internal mysteries as well as those around him.

Review will follow soon…

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