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Thoughts at the half way point of The White Castle

Although this starts with the classic ‘I found this manuscript in a box’ type preface it doesn’t delay for too long and gets straight into the story.

The tale of the young Venetian sailor who is captured and sold in Istanbul as a slave unfolds quickly as his ship is captured. He does what he can to survive representing himself as a doctor to avoid being put out to hard labour.

He manages to attract this interest of the Pasha because of his knowledge of astronomy and science and he is given the responsibility for organising a firework event with a man who resembles his double. This same man, Hoja, becomes his master and the relationship between them starts off as student and teacher but that starts to change as the captive is reminded of his status.

But having seen the importance of the search for knowledge and the desire nhis master has to be right the captive starts to turn up the psychooloigcal screws.

Review will follow on completion…