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book review – Strange Energy – Benjamin J. Myers

I did this for but wanted to share it because after all it is another book consumed this year and although aimed at an audience much younger than myself it showed if the pace and passion are there you will get something from a book.

From the first page as the Bad Tuesdays, 14 year-old twin brothers Splinter and Box and their 11 year-old younger sister Chess, jump from a train over razorwire into a guarded factory this book is gripping.

The siblings, street rats that have to steal and live on their wits, are a fundamental part of the fight between The Committee and Twisted Symmetry with both forces working across time and space to dominate the universe.

Sent through a time hole by The Committee to discover why children are being taken by the Twisted Symmetry the Bad Tuesdays face a battle with dog troopers, man-eating plants and the dreaded Inquisitors.

Before they head off into the unknown they are warned “trust no-one” and as the youngsters are forced to choose sides the question of working out right from wrong becomes pivotal.

In a new world with deadly challenges Chess becomes more important in the trio and sibling rivalry bubbles up and Splinter is forced to decide who he is fighting for. Can he cope with losing authority and share in his sister’s talents or is he unable to deal with her eclipsing him?

This is written with pace and verve with the reader being captivated as the characters enter different worlds and come into contact with various friends and foes. Strong descriptions mean that lands with two suns and volcano’s emerge with a convincing vividness.

This is the second book in a six title series from Benjamin J. Myers and with plans to print the rest of the books at the rate of two a year those waiting to find out what happens to the Bad Tuesdays and the next phase of the battle to control the universe will not have to wait long for the next gripping instalment.