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Thinking of doing a refresh for 2011

Last year I looked at the blog and changed the look and to a limited extent the content and thoughts are now turning to doing something smiliar.

The look is perhaps a little bit dull and the commitment to try and update every day has just not been sustainable this year and so going forward I will be being more realistic about the volume of posts.

What is important are the reviews and so more effort will be put into those. There are still so many that are not yet done from this year and to speed up the process I will be putting together some concise reviews in the next few days to clear the backlog.

Thanks as ever for reading and if you have any suggestions please don’t hesitate to make them.

A fourth birthday

Today marks the fourth birthday of this blog. It all started four years ago after a conversation the night before with my brother who told me that rather than write things down in little notebooks I could put my thoughts and reviews of books online.

It’s been a great four years with lots of reading packed in and it’s also provided an opportunity to interact with a wider book reading and literature loving group of people, most of whom are in the blog roll on the right. It’s been fun, hard work and occasionally let’s be truthful a bit of a chore. The mojo has risen and dipped but is hovering on okay at the moment.

Thanks for reading and supporting the blog over the last four years.

Reading and writing

Years ago I was told an anecdote about a journalist on the Daily Telegraph who was asked by his editor “have you read the story?” to which the hack replied “I can either write for this paper or read it, which would you prefer?”

Feeling a bit like that at the moment as I’m head down concentrating on the reading and sure enough when you let the reviews slide a bit the reading you are able to do seems to speed up a little bit.

But I’m all too aware that the days slip by without a post and more importantly that pile of books that need to be reviewed just gets longer. So after the next book, this is a mantra coming up, I intend to sit down and do some reviews. Just one more book and then things should get going 😉

Doing things slightly differently

For the past three and a half years the approach has been to blog about books I’m reading on a daily basis. Great for me to remind myself what they are all about but not so interesting for those that simply want to see what i have read and thought about it. As a result the approach this year will be to do a half way through blog post and then a concluding review.

It makes more sense to summarise the progess of a book at the half way stage and then to produce a review at the end rather than a daily diary with potentially a big pause before the review appears.

I am concious that I am still working through a backlog of reviews of books read last year. I will try to get those up in the next few weeks sprinkled in among other more current reading.

maybe time for a refresh?

The look and feel of the blog hasn’t changed for a couple of years and I’m thinking that maybe it’s time to have a look at what the options are for improving the look and feel of it. The dots seemed to be one of the best choices available at the time but Blogger has probably improved the choices since then and made it easier to make things look more compelling.

Keep an eye on the blog in the next few weeks to see if I have the guts and the gumption to make any changes. I’d like to but we will see.

The addictive nature of Twitter

i started Twitter in earnest a couple of weeks ago – name is insidebooks on there as well – and am finding it addictive. The main reason is that not only does it provoke you to condense your thoughts but it is also more socialble and interactive than blogging.

As a result my attitude towards blogging is becoming more strained and that is something to keep an eye on. Micro blogging might be seen by some as a cop out, because of the 140 character limit. But in fact I am communicating more often and more widely on that medium.

Still for the foreseable future both this and Twitter will be kept going to offer a best (or worst) of both worlds.